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The Mechanics of Marketing Has Evolved

In many businesses, the customer is multi-generational, and to be effective, they need to be approached in different ways. The mechanics of marketing has evolved. Marketing is no longer one size fits all per generation.

Why You Need To Be On Social Media and Leverage the Digital Domain

This is where most of your customers live, regardless of industry, job, or demographic.

This is where you need to be seen as a trusted resource, where you can learn about what is important to your customer.

Why Your Marketing Person Needs To Know Social Media More Than Carry A Degree

The Boomer generation and the Millennial generation have different needs and wants. The approach that works for one may not get noticed by the other. Knowing how to use the tools of the Internet to build a community and leverage to your advantage is something that is not taught in many classrooms.

It’s Not About Numbers

When it comes to followers, it should be quality over quantity first. Your community builds when you respect it, listen, and engage. We can train you to do this and set you up for success.

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