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Arcana Studios is the Talk of Comic Con 2012


Where do I begin?

Partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment

Arcana and Roddenberry are launching new books in the Days Missing series plus a new book called Worth. The imprint debuted July 11 with an exclusive preview book, free to 5,000 Comic Con visitors.

Arcana and Gene Simmons Relaunch Simmons Comics Group

The first book Simmons Comics Anthology debuted Friday, July 13th with a book signing at the Arcana.

The Anthology includes the first issues of Zipper, Dominatrix, and House of Horrors, plus the first chapter of the all-new crossover event, The Slave Trade, where Zipper and Dominatrix face off.  

Vladar Films And Arcana Comics Present “Head Smash” Reveal

A teaser image was revealed for this sci-fi, thriller, action story set in a fantasy filled, lurid city of Ares, centering on the orphan Smash, who finds a safe haven with a brutal syndicate: The Horde.

Benderspink and Arcana Launch Film-Friendly Comics

The focus will be on generating intellectual properties, including deals with deals in mobile content/apps, Y/A publishing, videogames, and toys.

A Ninja Named Stan 

The creators were available throughout Comic Con at the Arcana booth to celebrate this debut.

More Exclusive Releases

John Henry: The Steam Age is a SDCC exclusive preview book, a special SDCC exclusive Creepsville preview, an SDCC exclusive cover to The Inventor, and a Cryptozoology book made in conjunction with The Asylum.

Who Else Was at the Booth for Signings 

Monty Borror – Red Light/Spirit Window
Michael Mongillo – The Lost Girl
Dwayne Harris – Amnesia / John Henry: The Steam Age
Brandon Easton – Shadowlaw
Ravé Mehta – The Inventor
Justin Robinson – Nieves
Josh Blaylock – Misplaced/Warstone/Blade of Kumori
Alfonso Ruiz – Ezra: Egyptian Exchange
Matt Wilson – Scrooge & Santa
Josh Kenfield – Scrooge & Santa
Erik Hendrix – The Book/SideShows/The Evil Tree/Deadly Harvest/Champions of the Wild Weird West/Intrinsic
Amanda Rachels – The Book
Michael David Nelsen – The Book/SideShows/Champions of the Wild Weird West/Deadly Harvest
Sean Dulaney – 51 Delta
John Barker – Dead Cell
Dwayne Harris – Amnesia/John Henry: The Steam Age
Matthew R Adams – Kord & Harley
Scott Sanders – Burn
Shannon Eric Denton – GRUNTS/GRUNTS: War Stories / Markus Fang
Michael Mongillo – The Lost Girl
Edgar Delgado – UltraDuck
B. Alex Thompson – Amour/Blood Shells & Roses/Lethal Instinct
Arthur Bellfield – War’s Chosen
Matthew R Adams – Kord & Harley
Mike Dubisch – A Field Guide to Cryptozoology
Delia Gable – A Ninja Named Stan
Mike Whittenberger – A Ninja Named Stan
Ian Miller – Philosopher Rex / Redball 6
Mudo Vzz Martinez – El Arsenal
Mark Poulton – A Cat Named Haiku/Koni Konfidential / Daddy’s Little Girl
Dexter Weeks – A Cat Named Haiku/Koni Waves
Chris “Doc” Wyatt – Creepsville
Bill Rude – Creepsville
Nick Dia – The Insomniac: Justice Never Sleeps
Bobby Nash – Yin Yang
Jolene Houser – The Surface
M. Zachary Sherman – Harry Walton
Chris Peterson – Dragons Vs Dinosaurs
Aaron Nelson – Marlow
Shawn DePasquale – Space, MN
Justin Robinson – Nieves
Chris Peterson – Dragons Vs Dinosaurs

There is much more to come in Arcana’s future. Stay tuned.


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