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It’s Time to Write

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By Debbie Elicksen

There comes a time when you have to say “stop.” That time is now.

The end of the month looms on the calendar and I am ever aware that two chapters are due in my publisher’s hands next week.

Writing about digital publishing and marketing means something new and cool comes across your feed practically two to three times a day — or every time you open your browser. It is why this book has been in the making since 2010. I needed Self-Counsel Press to tell me to put a sock in it and just put the words together by this date, or else.

It’s time to write.

So yesterday, I completed my research (well, maybe), and have begun writing and reshaping the pieces I wrote in 2011 and adding new material. Of course, when I jot down a sentence, I realize I need to jump in Google and find the most recent statistics, but for the most part, I’m done with seeking out interviews and links en masse.

As I began to write the Introduction, a Preface fell out. So goes the process of writing.

Author: Debbie Elicksen

Debbie Elicksen: Content Creator, Social Media Publicist, Transmedia Producer and Strategist, Public Relations, Publishing. Inspire, Connect, Consult. To Empower Others To Find Their Voice.

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