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Chantal Harvey on Virtual Newsmakers December 6, 2013

By Debbie Elicksen

What happens when two creative minds get together: one with an art and television background, the other who works in FX and builds robots? The answer: machinima.

Netdreamer Publications is a digital storyteller that is very much a combination of the creative minds of publisher, producer, and editor Chantal Harvey and film director and writer Tony Dyson. Together they see machinima as the future of book publishing.

Machinima is real-time animation that takes books to a whole new level. With an entire generation growing up with ebooks and apps, it makes sense that kids would want more from their books. Machinima is a city they can enter virtually and experience gaming elements. Clouds, sun, cities, and other backgrounds can be manipulated to suit the creator. It’s the perfect platform for film.

Second Life is the platform to which Netdreamer develops its products, such as the Bobbekins — 25 snippets of film that you watch on an iPad, with narration, basic text, music, and graphics.

Chantal and Tony have discovered they can put the interactive in books into a virtual world and create ebooks on steroids. Stay tuned for their launch of Bobbekins in a physical book as well as other platforms.

The interactive book brings an exciting flavor to publishing and opens the doors to unlimited creative opportunities. The following interview provides much more detail about this exciting adventure.

Virtual Newsmakers features Chantal Harvey




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