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Publishing and Marketing in the Digital Age


New developments and platforms present themselves every time you open a tab in your browser. New software, programs, media, and search engine optimization algorithms make it hard to keep up in the digital world.

Publishers are evolving their business practices; in order for them to notice you, you need to have an existing reader following, marketing plan, and a good manuscript. The goal of this guide is to help you understand how new publishing works and to encourage you to have fun as you build your digital empire.

Publishing and Marketing in the Digital Age will help you be seen and heard online, from how to create your online profile, to learning how to market your book and find your target audience. It will prepare you for success as a publisher and marketer in the digital world!

Self-Publishing 101


Whether you are considering tradition publishing, vanity publishing, print-on-demand, E-publishing, or self-publishing, the fundamentals of preparing a manuscript for publication are the same. But getting the book into print is just the beginning: the true challenges for most self-published authors are in marketing and selling their books. Self-Publishing 101 shows you how to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your profits as you produce and market a professional-looking book. Self-publishing used to be equated with defeat; in today’s book market it may well be your best option. Let this timely book show you how to succeed in a tough market.

Business Cyberbullying and How to Fight Back


Cyberbullying is not just a schoolyard issue, but you would never know it when you open a search engine. While there are crossovers between the classroom and the boardroom with respect to how cyberbullying comes about and how to deal with it – for the most part, the schoolyard doesn’t impact a company’s balance sheet. There are issues that only adults and businesses face and children do not. The affect on commerce and trade impacts the ability to do business. Business Cyberbullying and How to Fight Back describes what cyberbullying is, what to do when you discover you are the target, show the laws that surround this issue, and how to take steps towards recovery — both emotionally and through taking back the Internet.

Books Published by Freelance Communications

Inside the NHL Dream


A behind the scenes look at the National Hockey League (2001). Available in ePub or PDF. $1.99 Click to buy.

Loyalty, Intensity, and Passion

front cover lacrosse

A behind the scenes look at the National Lacrosse League (2005)

Available in ePub. $1.99 Click to buy.

Book Publishing 101


Available through Booklocker for $1.99. (2010)

Currently Out of Print

Future Prospects


A behind the scenes look at major junior hockey.

Calgary Booster Club: Creating a Legacy


A 50-year history of the Calgary Booster Club and its legacy to sports in Calgary.

Positive Sports


A look at the professional athletes and sports organizations are mentoring youth.

Getting a Publisher


What you need to know before you decide to publish.

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